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 home  Posted 3 months ago from AE, Dubai.

<?php echo "test"  hahaha ?>

 personal  Posted 8 months ago from AE, Dubai.

nayabag na!!

 personal  Posted 1 year ago from AE, Dubai.

<iframe width="100%" height="140" frameborder="no" scrolling="no" src="https://www.fidbeat.com/embed.php?id=186/your-universe-rico-blanco"></iframe>

 home  Posted 1 year ago from PH, Matina.


 office  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.


 government  Posted 2 years ago from PH, Metro Manila.

Watdaef. Andaming construction. Ngayon lang inuubos ng mga damuho ang mga budget nila. Pastilan!

 personal  Posted 2 years ago from PH, Makati City.

Maglaba ay di biro, ang hirap maging adult! xD

 home  Posted 2 years ago from PH, Bayan.

Ang laki ng elepante ko. Nakakainis!

 relationship  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.

Sarap ng tulog ko, ang sweet pa ng pagkakahug saken ng katabi ko.. Un pala un buhok ko basang basa na ng laway nya. Watdaep

 home  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.


 home  Posted 2 years ago from PH, Antipolo.

King ina ng Concentrix! ITR lang di pa mabigay!

 personal  Posted 2 years ago from PH, Quezon City.

Napaso ng yosi sa daliri ngayon lang mismo medyo masakit din e punyeta lang! - bal

 relationship  Posted 2 years ago from PH, Ozamiz City.

Yung moment na malapit kanang labasan tapos biglang kakatok ung room service dala yung pina prder niyo na pagkain. :3 Bwesit :)

 office  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.

wawi! issuehan daw ako warning letter dahil sa late.. huwew! samantalang sahod pde ma late? fuckers!

 food  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.

nakalimutan ko ulit kumain! dahil jan magcocode n nmn akooo!

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 home  Posted 2 years ago from AE, .

Ung tipong nagiinuman kau tpos nakatulog ung kainuman mo.. eto abot mo..wtf!

 personal  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.

AL AIN, United Arab Emirates – A Filipino musician was killed here following a longboarding accident on December 20.

John "Joms" Magno's death was announced on Facebook by his bandmate and fellow OFW John Mark "Kram" Cruz. The two played in the band Up the Ante, where Magno was the bassist.

"The incident happened at the Mushrif Park last December 20," shared Cruz in a text message.

Before joining Up the Ante, Magno was the drummer of Amerie and guitarist of Avian Limit in the Philippines. At the UAE, he worked as a graphic designer of the CPI Media Group, a Dubai-based publication.

Cruz said Magno had been a skateboarding enthusiast since high school. He just shifted to longboarding five months ago.

"Joms was the most creative in the band," Cruz said. "He has displayed exceptional intellectual ability when it comes to the arrangement of our original songs."

Cruz also described his fallen bandmate as "a genius when it comes to music and any forms of art."

"He's the comedian who would make us all laugh," he said.

A memorial gathering for Magno was held last December 21 at the Suba Hotel in Al Rigga, Deira. —KBK, GMA News

Photo from Up the Ante's Facebook page 

 transportation  Posted 2 years ago from PH, Metro Manila.

I kept and saved this picture in my phone because I just found it too incredible to ignore. And what strikes the proverbial chord is just how unbelievable this image actually is because THIS IS REAL. THIS IS THE REALITY OF OUR PEOPLE. THIS IS THEIR EVERYDAY. THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. A picture painting a thousand words... of a thousand people in line in heat and humidity for hours just to ride a rickety train JUST TO GO TO WORK. To make that honest, hard-earned living (and only bring home 68% of it). 

So as far as elections are concerned, all I want is someone to look at this reality and be MOVED TO THE CORE by it. This and so many other painful realities our country is facing and to be physically emotionally and spiritually SICKENED by it. I don't want sympathy. I don't want consolation. I don't want lip-service. I want someone to f*cking straight up MOURN at the sight of this and then go off and pull a motherf*cking JOHN WICK on whoever is responsible for stealing our car and killing our dog --I MEAN-- stealing taxpayer's money and killing our spirit.

Because shouldn't that be the worst crime of all? To kill a person's spirit?

Gosh, if the Pope saw this he would probably curse himself out too. I mean didn't Jesus also ask why he had been forsaken? Don't we all feel like we've been forsakened?

Now I don't know about you but there really is only one guy I see who can pull a dope John Wick (even though he ain't no Keanu smile emoticon

*stares at this picture and dies inside*


- source Michelle Callanta Toledo

 office  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.

Things to remember:


  • aralin muna ung software bago sumugod
  • tangina, magdala ng mouse at keyboard
  • magdala pamasahe...


Pag chinese customer malamang may ganito cla! Hayof napalaban ako...

 home  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.

Holiday pero may pasok si chubby.. Awwww so sad

 government  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.

P.I. na tlga yan..

 school  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.


 government  Posted 2 years ago from AE, Dubai.

Madaming kupal mapapawatdaef dito ngaun.. Death penalty aabutin nla ngaun.. #duterte2016

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